Aleksandra Tsibulia Poet, Russia
Aleksandra Tsibulia was born in Leningrad. She is a poet, art historian, holder of a master’s degree in European Literature. The first book under the name Journey to the End of the Blood was published in 2014. Poems were published in the New Literary Observer Magazine, the Vozduh (The Air) Magazine, TextOnly, The Village and the Volga Magazine. Her poems are translated into English, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Finnish languages. She won the Russian Gulliver Prize in 2014 and the Arkadii Dragomoshchenko Prize in 2015.
A Writer’s Room LTI Korea in collaboration with bookshops 10.10.(Thu) 20:00 @Yideum Books
Writers in Conversation Aesthetics and Writing 10.11.(Fri) 20:00~21:30 @DDP Academy Hall


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