Kim Soo-yeul Poet, Korea
Born in Jeju, he debuted his poetry in Silcheon Munhak literary magazine and began his career in 1982. His collected poetry includes Regardless of Place (Eodieseon-deul eotteonya), On the Road of Fallen Traffic Lights (Sinhodeung sseureojin-gil wieseo), Silent Bow of the Wind (Baramui mungnye), Stolen Thoughts (Saenggageul humchida), Possessed (Bingui), and Letter from the Water (Mureseo on pyeonji). Also published poetry collection, Where the Flowers Fell (Kkot Jin Ja-ri) to memorialize the Jeju April 3rd Massacre. He has also published essay collections, Reading with Kim Soo Yeol (Kim soo yeol-ui chaegikgi) and When the Wind Blows from the Southeast (Seonmaparam buneun nari-myeon). He is the recipient of the 4th Oh Chang Hwan Literary Prize and the 3rd Shin Seok Jeong Literary Prize. He was also on the board for the Jeju Foundation for Arts & Culture as well as the Memorial Committee for the Jeju April 3rd Massacre. He served as the president of the Jeju Writers Association. He is presently on the board of the Society of Korean Writers and the Jeju Masscare Memorial Literary Prize.
Writers in Conversation The Age of Rage 10.13.(Sun) 14:00~16:00 @DDP Academy Hall


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