Florence Noiville Writer, France
Florence Noiville is a French writer, journalist, literary critic and Foreign Fiction Editor for Le Monde des livres, the literary supplement of the daily paper Le Monde in Paris. Her first book was a biography of the Nobel Prize-winning American author Isaac Bashevis Singer, for which she received a 2004 Biography Award. She then wrote a short text, half-essay, half-personal narrative, about capitalism and its excesses, entitled “I went to business school and I'm sorry”. Her fictional work consists in four novels including Confessions of a Kleptomaniac (2018), A Cage in Search of a Bird (2016), The Attachment (2014) and The Gift (2007). Her books are translated into 13 languages.
One on One In Women's Eyes 10.11.(Fri) 18:30~19:30 @DDP CREA
Writers in Conversation Gender Issues 10.12.(Sat) 14:00~16:00 @DDP Academy Hall


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