One on One

Human Alienation in Society
10.9.(Wed) 18:30~19:30
@DDP CREA | MC: Choi Jae Bong
French novelist Nicolas Mathieu won the Goncourt Prize in 2018 for The Children Who Came After Them (Leurs enfants après eux). Lee Seung-U, often described as ‘the most beloved Korean writer in France,’ is widely known for his exploration of philosophical issues based on his theological world view. They will discuss human alienation in society.


  • Nicolas Mathieu Writer, France
    Nicolas Mathieu was born in Epinal. He studied history, cinema and history of arts. He lived in Paris for 15 years, where he had many jobs, almost always underpayed and frustrating. After years of struggling, he published his first novel To the beasts, the war (Aux animaux la guerre) in 2014, which became a TV show. Their children after them (Leurs enfants après eux) is his second novel, which won the Goncourt Prize in 2018.
  • Lee Seung-U Writer, Korea
    Lee Seung-U was born in Janghueng, Jeonnam in 1959. He began his writing career in 1981 when his novella A Portrait of Erysichthon won the Korean Literature New Writer’s Award. He is known for pushing beyond the usual story-oriented narrative and dealing with heavy and ideological subject matters through precise character descriptions and a unique style of writing. His works include the novels, The Reverse Side of Life, The Private Life of Plants, Song of the Earth, and Life of Love and the short story collections. A Conjecture Regarding Labyrinths, The Old Diary, A Cautious Person, and Strangers. He is the recipient of the Daesan Literary Award, Hyundae Literary Award, and Dong-in Literary Award. He is a professor of creative writing at Chosun Unviersity.


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