Writers in Conversation

Aesthetics and Writing
10.11.(Fri) 20:00~21:30
@DDP Academy Hall | MC: Kang Dong Ho
Aleksandra Tsibulia is a poet and art historian from Russia whose poetry presents a metaphysical world. Nicola Mathieu is a French writer who studied history of art at Sorbonne University and won the Goncourt Prize. Novelist Han Yujoo’s aesthetic experiments destroy the existing forms of narrative. These three writers will talk about aesthetics and arts, as well as their own literary worlds.


  • Nicolas Mathieu Writer, France
    Nicolas Mathieu was born in Epinal. He studied history, cinema and history of arts. He lived in Paris for 15 years, where he had many jobs, almost always underpayed and frustrating. After years of struggling, he published his first novel To the beasts, the war (Aux animaux la guerre) in 2014, which became a TV show. Their children after them (Leurs enfants après eux) is his second novel, which won the Goncourt Prize in 2018.
  • Aleksandra Tsibulia Poet, Russia
    Aleksandra Tsibulia was born in Leningrad. She is a poet, art historian, holder of a master’s degree in European Literature. The first book under the name Journey to the End of the Blood was published in 2014. Poems were published in the New Literary Observer Magazine, the Vozduh (The Air) Magazine, TextOnly, The Village and the Volga Magazine. Her poems are translated into English, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Finnish languages. She won the Russian Gulliver Prize in 2014 and the Arkadii Dragomoshchenko Prize in 2015.
  • Han Yujoo Writer, Korea
    Han Yujoo was born in Seoul in 1982. She graduated from Hongik University majoring in German and completed the course work for a post-graduate degree in aesthetics at Seoul National University. She made her literary debut when Literature and Society journal published her shorty story “To the Moon” in 2003. She is known for moving away from the traditional story-oriented narrative and writing style and exploring the incommunicability of language itself. Her works include the novel The Impossible Fairy Tale and the short story collections To the Moon, Book of Ice, My Left Hand the King and My Right Hand the King's Scribe, and The Chronicles. She has also produced Korean translations of books like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.


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