Writers in Conversation

The Age of Rage
10.13.(Sun) 14:00~16:00
@DDP Academy Hall | MC: Lee Na-young
Born in Scotland, Graeme Macrae Burnet is the author of His Bloody Project. Hwang Gyu-gwan is a major resistant poet of our time. Kim Soo-yeul’s poetry sheds light on the tragic history of Jeju Island. What gives rise to the hatred and rage directed at the socially weak and alienated? These three writers will look into marks of emotions that serve as a wake-up call for our society.


  • Graeme Macrae Burnet Writer, UK
    Graeme Macrae Burnet was born and brought up the industrial town of Kilmarnock in the west of Scotland and now lives in Glasgow. He has released his first novel The Disapperance of Adele Bedeau in 2014. His second novel His Bloody Project, which was published in 2015, was shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker prize, the LA Times Mystery Book of the Year, and won the Satire Prize for Fiction and the Vrij Nederland Thriller of the Year. It has been published in twenty-two languages including Korean. In 2017, he was named Author of the Year in the Sunday Herald culture awards. His third novel The Accident on the A35, which was published in 2017, was longlisted for the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year award.
  • Kim Soo-yeul Poet, Korea
    Born in Jeju, he debuted his poetry in Silcheon Munhak literary magazine and began his career in 1982. His collected poetry includes Regardless of Place (Eodieseon-deul eotteonya), On the Road of Fallen Traffic Lights (Sinhodeung sseureojin-gil wieseo), Silent Bow of the Wind (Baramui mungnye), Stolen Thoughts (Saenggageul humchida), Possessed (Bingui), and Letter from the Water (Mureseo on pyeonji). Also published poetry collection, Where the Flowers Fell (Kkot Jin Ja-ri) to memorialize the Jeju April 3rd Massacre. He has also published essay collections, Reading with Kim Soo Yeol (Kim soo yeol-ui chaegikgi) and When the Wind Blows from the Southeast (Seonmaparam buneun nari-myeon). He is the recipient of the 4th Oh Chang Hwan Literary Prize and the 3rd Shin Seok Jeong Literary Prize. He was also on the board for the Jeju Foundation for Arts & Culture as well as the Memorial Committee for the Jeju April 3rd Massacre. He served as the president of the Jeju Writers Association. He is presently on the board of the Society of Korean Writers and the Jeju Masscare Memorial Literary Prize.
  • Hwang Gyu-gwan Poet, Korea
    Hwang Gyu-wan was born in Jeonju, Jeonbuk in 1968. He graduated from Pohang Jecheol Technical High School and debuted as a writer in 1993 by winning the Jeon Tae-il Literary Award for “At Jirisan” and eight other poems. He is known for the deep resonance of his poetry in which he displays an attitude of building a worthy life through objects we encounter in our daily lives without resorting to tricks of language. His poetry collections include Cheolsan-dong Post Office, Water Runs its Course, Failure is My Strength, Time to Wait for the Storm, Noon is Coming, Let’s Take the Next One, and the essay collection, Living in a World That Has Abandoned the River. He runs the publishing company ‘Samchang’.


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