Performance Readings

Performing Poetry
10.7.(Mon) 20:00~21:30
@DDP Academy Hall | MC: Sin Yong-Mok
Victor Rodriguez Nunez from Cuba, Mai Van Phan from Vietnam and Choi Seung-Ho, Son Taek-su from Korea will give poetry readings to express their passion for a world in which respect, solidarity and diversity co-exist.


  • Mai Van Phan Poet, Vietnam
    Mai Van Phan was born in Vietnam. He has published 16 poetry books. Among his books of poetry are Firmament Without Roof Cover (A Ciel Ouvert), Grass Cutting in a Temple Garden (Ra vườn chùa xem cắt cỏ), Born as Twins in an Ocean (『대양의 쌍둥이』) which is a poetry book in Korean with a Korean poet Ko Hyung-Ryul. Poems of Mai Van Phan are translated into 25 languages. He has won a number of Vietnamese and international literary awards including the Vietnam Writers' Association Award in 2010 and the Cikada Literary Prize of Sweden in 2017.
  • Victor Rodriguez Nunez Poet, Cuba/USA
    Victor Rodriguez Nunez was born in Havana. He is a poet, journalist, literary critic, translator, and scholar. Among his books of poetry are Midnight minutes I (2006), Midnight minutes II (2007), Thaw (2013), From a red barn (2013) and Right away [A drop of blood] (2018). His poetry has long been the recipient of major awards throughout the Spanish-speaking world including the David (Cuba, 1980) the EDUCA (Costa Rica, 1995) and in Spain, the Fray Luis de León (2005), the Leonor (2006), the Jaime Gil de Biedma (2011), the Alfons el Magnànim (2013), and the Loewe Foundation(2015).
  • Son Taek-su Poet, Korea
    He was in 1970 in Damyang, South Jeolla Province and grew up in Busan. His childhood dream was to become a farmer but turned to poetry after personal losses and failures. In 1998 he received both the Korea Daily New Writer’s Contest and the Kookje Shinmun New Writer’s Contest garnering the Shinchun Munye for that year. He served as the president of Silcheon Munhak and currently holds a position at the Nojak Literary Association. His published works include, A Tiger's Footsteps (Horangi baljaguk), The Magnolia Streetcar (Mokryeonjeoncha), the Drifting Dust are Shining (Tteodoneun meonjideuli bitnanda), and his essay collection, Jasan-eobo: A Book that Embraced the Sea. He is the recipient of Sin Dong-yeop Literary Award and the Imhwa Literature Prize.
  • Choi Seung-Ho Poet, Korea
    Born in Chuncheon, Choi started writing poetry based on social injustices, inspired by Zen Buddhism. While working as an editor for a publishing company, he established literary magazines such as Jakga Segye and Hyeondae-si Sasang. He also established children’s literary series called Minum Donghwa. After serving as an environmental activist for ten years, he joined the faculty of Soongsil University, teaching poetry. He is the recipient of various literary awards including the Today’s Writer Award for his poetry collection Snowstorm Warning (Daeseol juibo), the Kim Soo Young Literary Award for Hedgehog Village (Goseumdochieeui maeul), and Daesan Literary Award for Grotesque (Geuroteseukeu). His Snowstorm Warning has been translated in French, and Grotesque and I am Everything Through Nothing in Spanish. His poetry collection, Autobiographies of Ice, was translated and published in Germany, Japanese, and Argentina. His eco-poetry selection, Flowers in the Toilet Bowl, was translated and published in the U.S. His other publications include seventeen volumes of poetry selections, children’s poetries, picture books, and comic poetries. He also collaborated with music composer Bang Sihyeok and producer Muzie to publish poetry books in music and rap formats for children.


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