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Riza Kirac Turkey

Born in 1970 at Istanbul, Rıza Kıraç has completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Cinema and Television Department of Fine Arts Faculty at Marmara University. He made several short films, documentaries awarded in many festivals. After 1997, his short stories and book reviews appeared in prestigious literary magazines and journals. His first novel, The Train of Djinn, was published in 2000. He has written six novels and three short stories until 2014. He prefers to use slang language in his novels to tell the challenge of people who live in metropoles and try to increase their social classes. He was invited to Seoul in 2005 for a special cultural program of the Ministry of Culture of Korea and Writer’s Association of Korea. He has participated in literary events in different cities during four months. Rıza Kıraç is the director, scriptwriter, producer of his first long film Little Sins.


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