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Werner Fritsch Germany

Werner Fritsch is from Berlin, Germany. He is a writer and film director. Fritsch studied Philosophy, Ethnology and Literature at Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich. His published works include Hereafter (2000), The Merry Wives of Wiesau (2000), Cherubim (1987), Quarry (1989), Mincer, Battle (1992), Chroma: Color Theory for Chameleons (2002), Nico - Sphinx of Ice (2004), Nefertiti, The Wheel of Fortune, Mother Tongue (2015). His films include These Are the Thunderstorms in Nature (1988), I Like a Bird: The Wheel Of Fortune (2008), Faust Sonnengesang: Faust- Song of the Sun I &II (2012/15). Fritsch was the recipient of International Documentary Film Festival Munich Award (1990), the Rauris Literature Prize (1988), the Robert Walser Prize (1987), and the Award of Carinthia at the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize (1987), the Heimito von Doderer-Award (1999), the Else Lasker-Schüler Playwright Prize (1997), the Bavarian State Prize for Literature (1996), and the Arno Schmidt Scholarship (2007). In addition, He won Radio Play Prize of the Warblind for Sense (1993), ARD Radio Play Prize for Enigma Emmy Göring (2007), Radio Play of the Year (2007), German Audiobook Prize (2009) and Grand Prix Marulic (2013).


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