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Teemu Manninen Finland

Teemu Manninen is a poet, a translator and a literary critic from Helsinki, Finland. He has published five collections of award-winning poetry and has edited two books on contemporary Finnish poets. His poems have developed from an experimentalism concerned with the themes of ecological catastrophe to verse in classical forms questioning the possibility of our rootedness in being. His work has been translated into Swedish, German, English, Italian and Russian. He has worked as a translator for the alternative comics publisher Huuda Huuda and the editor of the poetry magazine Tuli&Savu. He is a member of the acclaimed co-operative poetry publisher Poesia, a sometime creative writing instructor, the once producer of the Helsinki Poetics Conference, the founder of the sound art collective ‘Linnunlaulupuu’(2004-2014), and he has also written reviews for the major newspaper of Finland, Helsingin Sanomat.


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