Opening Ceremony 10.5.(Sat) 17:00~18:30 @DDP Grass Hill

Welcome to the 2019 Seoul International Writers’ Festival, which reflects our lives like a thousand mirrors conveying different ideas.

Performance Readings 10.6.(Sun)~10.7.(Mon) @DDP Academy Hall

Readers will have a chance to enjoy various performances—including theater, music, dance and media art—alongside onstage readings of literary works by writers.

A Writer’s Room 10.7.(Mon) ~10.12.(Sat) @9 Schools and Bookshops

Writers from all across the world will visit universities and independent bookstores to interact with readers in Korea.

LTI Korea in collaboration with publishers
10.7.(Mon) 19:30 @Cafe Dear Life
David Szalay w.Munhakdongne
instagram munhakdongne
10.8.(Tue) 19:00 @Cafe Famus Ground
Graeme Macrae Burnet w.Open Books
10.12.(Sat) 19:30 @Trevari(Anguk)
Nicolas Mathieu w.Minumsa
instagram minumsa_books
LTI Korea in collaboration with bookshops
10.9.(Wed) 19:30 @Thanks Books
Ishii Shinji
instagram thanksbooks
10.10.(Thu) 20:00 @Yideum Books
Aleksandra Tsibulia
instagram yideumbooks
10.11.(Fri) 19:00 @Cafe Baeknyune Seowon (Busan)
Niyi Osundare
call 051-465-1915
10.12.(Sat) 19:30 @Wit n Cynical
Victor Rodriguez Nunez
instagram witncynical
10.12.(Sat) 19:30 @Thanks Books
Chandrahas Choudhury
instagram thanksbooks
LTI Korea in collaboration with schools
10.7.(Mon) 13:30 @Chung-Ang University (Anseong Campus)
Mai Van Phan
call 031-670-3078
10.8.(Tue) 14:00 @Chung-Ang University (Seoul Campus)
Liu Zhenyun
call 031-670-3078
10.11.(Fri) 18:00 @Sogang University
Forrest Gander


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